The Greatest Building of Turkish Islamic History: Selimiye Mosque
Why Selimiye Mosque was built in Edirne instead of Istanbul?
Road to Selimiye
Sultan Selim II couldn’t reach the Completion of Selimiye

Construction process of Selimiye Mosque
Building materials of Selimiye Mosque
Wishes of Sultan Selim II during the construction of Selimiye

The Architectural Structure of Selimiye Mosque
The Minarets
Placing the Minarets on the Corners of the Dome
Evliya Çelebi gives the following information about the minarets of Selimiye Mosque
The Inner Court and the Fountain
Fountains in Turkish Islamic Architecture
Fountains in Selimiye




Inner Architectural
The Dome
Selimiye Dome as told by Sinan
Comparison between the Domes of Hagia Sophia and Selimiye
Sultan’s Mahfil
Muezzin’s Mahfil
Hand Drawings on Wood
Ceiling Adornments
Ceiling Border
Side Ceiling Panelwork
Arch Triangles (Inner Part)
Below-Banister Panelwork
Below-Panelwork Border
Arch Triangles (Outer Part)
Mihrab Semidome
Windows and Their Inner Sides (Main Dome)
Window Surroundings
Below-Window Panelwork
Doors Leading to Selimiye

Selimiye complex and its units
Selimiye Dar-ül Kurra
Primary School (Originally named as Sübyan Mektebi)
Selimiye Arasta

Selimiye Mosque and Mimar Sinan
The Structural Superiority of Selimiye over Hagia Sophia
Selimiye as written by Sinan

Selimiye Legends
About the Site of the Mosque
About the Foundation Stones of Selimiye
About the Reason why Laying the Foundation Took So Long
Selimiye and Its Connotations

Selimiye Mosque and Its Amendments

 Selimiye inscribed on UNESCO's world heritage list